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EPRG has come together to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in Munich in December

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Initially formed to bring the manufacturers and the operators together to collaborate on the issue of propagating fracture it has developed into leading European organisation covering all aspects of pipeline integrity and safety.

To date, EPRG has 30 member companies in 10 European countries. The membership has been extended by adding service providing companies active in welding, laying and inspection to reflect the challenges of the industry. The combined expertise of the members is the foundation for the success of the group. Reflecting the fact that it is the people that make the difference EPRG has invited former and present colleagues to celebrate its 50th anniversary and reflect on the past and the upcoming challenges. It was an honour to welcome he first Secretary General of EPRG as well as his successor who led the group until 2017. A perspective on the future of the industry was provided by the  Young Pipeline Professionals Europe YPPE.