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EPRG Committees

EPRG's technical activities are directed by the Plenary Group and coordinated through three Technical Committees, concerned with materials, corrosion and design respectively. The main focus of recent and ongoing research activities is to provide understanding, guidance and engineering application methods in the following areas:

Materials and manufacturing

  • The measurement and specification of the strength and deformation properties of pipes and fittings for onshore and offshore applications.
  • The measurement, specification and control of fracture initiation and propagation in pipeline components
  • Pipes and accessories that combine improved combinations of strength, toughness and weldability with economically attractive prices.

Corrosion and corrosion protection

  • The selection and application of pipe steels to achieve satisfactory resistance to internal corrosion by the contained products
  • The properties and performance of corrosion-resistant external coatings for pipelines
  • The avoidance of environmentally-assisted in-service degradation and crack development

Design and operation

  • The assessment of weld defects and establishment of acceptance standards
  • The tolerance and resistance of pipelines to damage resulting from external mechanical interference
  • The accommodation of cyclic pressure loading, and the assessment of defect growth due to fatigue, during pipeline operation
  • The continued safe use of older pipelines, constructed in accordance with previous-generation specifications and standards