EPRG – European Pipeline Research Group

We address issues of common interest concerning the technical integrity of oil & gas transmission pipelines, in the areas of pipe manufacture, pipeline design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Extreme environments

How our research benefits products in challanging environments


We conduct fracture tests ourselves

Pipe damage

How we adress the main causes for defects of piplines

Welding & Inspection

Our research in the fields of welding and inspection

IOGP S616 package

IOGP S616 package is a specification  which aims at  defining a minimum common set of supplementary requirements for procurement of line pipe to API Specification 5L 46th Edition 2018 (including Errata 1 2018) and ISO 3183 4th Edition 2019 for application in the petroleum and natural gas industries. The...

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EPRG as finalist for "Best Paper" award at ASME International Pipelines Conference

A paper presenting recent EPRG research was a finalist for the “Best Paper” award at the recent ASME International Pipelines Conference in Calgary, Canada. Dr Andrew Cosham of Ninth Planet Engineering presented a paper entitled “The EPRG Recommendations for Crack Arrest Toughness for Line Pipe Steel (Third...

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Call for papers 22nd Joint Technical Meeting now open

The 22nd Joint Technical Meeting on Pipeline Research is scheduled for April 29 - May 3, 2019 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia hosted by the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association (APGA). The meeting provides a forum for exchange on latest research activities and results for representatives of the Pipeline...

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EPRG Fracture Summit – International experts meet to define research program for pipeline safety

For the second time, the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) hosted a meeting of key experts on fracture propagation in the pipeline industry to exchange knowledge and expertise, with the expressed aim of providing guidance to the industry with respect to a number of currently open questions in this...

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